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Increasing Self Awareness

Though counselling, we gain increased self awareness by taking the time and space to explore and understand ourselves. Having more self awareness helps us to consider our decisions, choices and actions with a greater understanding of their impact. 

Addressing Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression can impact on our lives and affect our everyday functioning. Counselling offers a safe space for you to explore and process your worries, fears and concerns and how best to address them and care for yourself. 

Making sense of behaviour

Maybe you overeat or self-harm or drink too much. Perhaps you are bemused or ashamed by your behaviour and wonder why you can’t ‘just stop’. Counselling provides a safe place to explore your ambivalence and fears.

Valuing yourself

An inner contentment can be found when you feel ‘you’re OK’. Maybe you have become adept at pleasing others and in the process your needs are no longer important or valued. Counselling can help you recognise the value in understanding and acknowledging your needs. Also, and importantly, the value in showing yourself compassion and empathy.

Making sense of the past

Understanding how past events has influenced the person you are today. There can be exceptional value gained in understanding the past and how it has influenced your life journey. Old wounds can be healed and painful experiences worked through.

Making relationships more meaningful

In counselling you may come to appreciate the relationships which are important to you and warrant further investment. You might also decide to take a step back from relationships that are toxic or hindering your wellbeing. The therapeutic relationship of counselling offers an opportunity to model how you want those relationships to work.

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