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How it works

During counselling I focus on the individual as a whole. I encourage you to explore your feelings and understand your thoughts and actions with an emphasis on developing your self-awareness.

Each client is individual and I combine different humanistic approaches (Person-Centred, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis) to match your needs. What is most important, though, is not the methodology, but the trust and connection built between us within our sessions.

My role is not to diagnose, advise or tell you what to do. My role is to support and help you explore and understand what you're struggling with. We will work together to find out what it is you wish to change and how you can make those changes.

  • Introductory Session

I offer a discounted (£35) introductory 50-minute session where we can explore your needs and understand what has brought you to this point. My focus is to find out more about you and your experiences and to assess whether I can provide the help you require. At the end of this session we can decide how best to proceed and I will answer any concerns or questions you may have about counselling. If you want to book an initial session you can either call me on 07970 411 072 or email

Length of counselling is mutually negotiated between us at the beginning of our work together. Some clients may want short term counselling (typically 6 to 12 sessions), others may wish to have a longer term. 

Each session, 50 minutes, is weekly and agreed in advance. Cancellations need to be provided with a minimum 48 hours notice via text  to avoid being charged for the session.

Fees are £60 per session.  

  • Counselling Duration and Fees

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